Accommodation Only

Deposits start at $50 per person

Land & Air Packages

Deposits start at $245 per person

Premium Itineraries

Premium Itineraries: Exotic & Africa

Deposits: Varies

Average deposit: 50%


Why do I need insurance?

Accidents and issues do sometimes happen. Without insurance you are subject to additional cost for things such as medical emergencies, lost luggage and missed connections. Although we will do our best to help you through any situation having travel insurance gives you (and us) and advantage when it comes to finding solutions and providing assistance. 

Can I purchase insurance elsewhere?

You certainly can. If you do not want our included insurance  and would rather go with another provider that is fine by us. The most important part is that you are covered. 

I booked elsewhere, can I buy insurance here?

Absolutely! The only thing that will not be included is our Travawire traveler assistance since your itinerary did not originate within our agency but you can still purchase our recommended insurance and take advantage of the same coverage as our clients do.  

Can I use my CC's travel insurance?

Travel insurance associated with credit cards have a reputation for being inadequate. To guard against lost investment and accidents we suggest that you book with us and utilize the included waivers or insurance or purchase separate coverage from a reputable travel insurance provider. 

Which is the best option for Covid protection?

The “Classic” plan which along with the “Cancel for any reason” add-on provides the most coverage. Whether you have an actual reason to cancel or just feel uneasy due to current situations at home or near your destination you’re covered! 

What is Travawire traveler assistance?

Travawire traveler assistance is our assurance that we will be available to you throughout your vacation. Should you need help understanding your itinerary or navigating insurance we’re only a call, text or message away. 

Our Agency

Is Travawire an accredited agency?

Yes! We are an independent accredited travel agency. We are not part of an MLM or umbrella company. 

How will my information be handled?

We consider all traveler information confidential. Names, dates and of course all credit card information are handled securely and we never sell information for any reason! In addition unless you give us permission we will never tag you on social media or share your photos! 

What brands do you use?

We use ONLY travel suppliers that we consider to be high quality and reputable. You will be advised of the airline and hotel/resort before locking in your booking, there are no surprises!

Do you price match?

Becasue we strive to use only the best suppliers and options for our itineraries price matching online deals is not always possible. 

If you have a quote from another agent we’ll be happy to take a look at it and see if we can offer you a better deal, if we cannot well there is no fee in trying! 

Booking Process

How do I book with your agency?

Simple! Fill our our booking inquiry form and one of our agents will contact you with details including options and pricing. If you love one of the choices (which we are sure you will!) you will be given further instructions on how to provide us your traveler information and payment. 

How long is my quote good for?

Quotes are subject to availability and price fluctuation which is controlled ultimately by airlines, resorts, etc. On average quotes are good for 2 weeks but that is never a guarantee. If you love the price lock in your vacation asap!

What happens after I submit my payment?

After your deposit or full payment is received you will receive by email a confirmation that that includes your booking numbers and flight reference number if applicable. Your booking is fully locked in once you have received your confirmation! 

What if I need to change names or dates?

Depending on the specifics of your itinerary it may not be possible to make changes and/or change fees may apply. If you believe it may be necessary to make changes to your itinerary later on please advise us before booking and we will try and make sure you have as much flexibility as possible. 




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